The cache manager is the primary interface to invalidate caches. It is enabled by default if a Proxy Client is configured or when you specify the custom_proxy_client field.

# app/config/config.yml
        enabled: true
        custom_proxy_client: ~
        generate_url_type: true


type: enum options: auto, true, false

Whether the cache manager service should be enabled. By default, it is enabled if a proxy client is configured. It can not be enabled without a proxy client.


type: string

Instead of configuring a Proxy Client, you can define your own service that implements FOS\HttpCache\ProxyClientInterface.

# app/config/config.yml
        custom_proxy_client: acme.caching.proxy_client

When you specify a custom proxy client, the bundle does not know about the capabilities of the client. The generate_url_type defaults to true and tag support is only active if explicitly enabled.


type: enum Symfony 2 options: auto or one of the constants in UrlGeneratorInterface

The $referenceType to be used when generating URLs in the invalidateRoute() and refreshRoute() calls. If you use ABSOLUTE_PATH to only generate paths, you need to configure the base_url on the proxy client. When set to auto, the value is determined based on whether base_url is set on the default proxy client.